Travel to Mexico on the Cheap – Mexican Vacations for Budget Travelers

Are you ready for an exciting vacation with a destination close to home? Think about spending some time in Mexico. The country offers many exciting things to do and see. The rich history of Mexico makes this country an educational treat as well as fun for everyone.

When we talk about visiting Mexico there are several ways to do it. Depending on where you are going once you enter the country, you and your family don’t have to automatically spring for air fare. Mexico has the distinct advantage of being a part of our continent and right below the United States.

Travel to Mexico can be accomplished by car, bus, or airplane. Tours to Mexico give day trippers or weekend vacationers a chance to sample what the country has to offer without making a commitment to a longer stay. Bus tours are economical even if more than one person is traveling with you. Church groups or other organizations can book a tour and get a discount.

If you live in California, travel to Mexico is a car ride away. Look for deals on rental cars for the trip. When you book of a week or more, the price per day goes down and you may even get a day or two for free. People that don’t like to travel by plane can still see the wonders of Mexico.

Airfare deals to Mexico can be found at travel agencies and on the Internet. The months preceding peak travel times are teeming with discount offers from every travel company. Don’t get pulled in by the first good deal you see. If Mexico is your destination for this year’s vacation, shop around and compare the fine print so that you know you are making the best use of your money.

Companies like Travelocity offer airfare packages to Mexico from several cities in the United States. They try to use that lawn gnome to draw you in, but their deals do have merit. Check out their prices for hotel and airfare to Mexico. Once again, the longer you stay, they better the deals.

Traveling with a large group can be fun and an organizational nightmare. Customer service is extremely important. Try They have been rated number one in customer service by their customers. That says a lot. Foreign travel can be anything but pleasant when you have travel issues. Work with a company that can alleviate that stress from the beginning.

Travel auctions also offer deals for consumers. They operate just the way the name implies. Customers bid on travel packages that include airfare, hotel, or both. Depending on the type of auction, the top one or two bids will get the chance to purchase the trip at the bidding price or a lower one.

Before bidding, read the agreement you are entering into with the site. Most people just glance over these, but there is useful information there that can save you heartache down the road from misunderstandings. These travel auction deals, like purchasing trips on the other sites, are for a specified time. Travel plans need to be as firm as possible or you could end up with a trip you can’t use.

As of the beginning of 2007, travel to places that we used to go with a birth certificate, will require a passport. Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, and Central and South America will all require a passport to enter the country. The good part is that there are no immunizations or other medical requirements that go along with the passport. For adventure seekers, talk with a knowledgeable guide if you plan on doing any jungle travel. They may suggest some type of medical precautions in case you encounter any problems there.

When you get to Mexico, they will give you a travel visa issued for the length of time you are planning to stay. If the itinerary changes, have that travel pass amended so you won’t get into trouble with the authorities or have trouble getting out of the country. Exchange your money as soon as you arrive so you can make full use of the exchange rate to save money during your trip.

Budget Travel – Season and Destination are most important

Selecting the season and destination are the two key things for travel. They also have a huge impact on the cost of your vacation. Don’t ignore the importance of considering these two factors.

Your budget level mainly depends on the season and the time of the year. Some vacation destinations will be very cheap at some times of the year.

If you want to travel to a popular destination in peak times, you never find it cheap. For instance, planning to stay at luxurious hotel in a party city on New Year’s Eve is not expected to exist as budget holiday, while travel to an established summer resort over New Year’s may be extremely a different story.

The most important thing that you need to realize is that low seasons cost low for a reason. A typical example of this is hurricane season in the Florida and Caribbean. Other low seasons that vary include ” very hot regions such as Egypt in summer months, excess heat makes the holiday less enjoyable.

Summer resorts are usually very quiet in low season. This can be the best for recoil, but once it comes to a violent nightlife you may be disappointed.

Travel destinations for the specific season at a low cost:

Winter is very interesting time of the year for travelling. Before Christmas, most of the people are trying to do final shopping trips. So, after the festival, most individuals are dealing with the bills of credit cards so that, holidays on far off beaches are often incredibly cheap during the winter period.

Asia is a great destination for winter months. Probably the flight costs will decrease and they offer various discounts. In Asia weather varies greatly in winter season. The climate in Asia is surrounded by snow in just one minute and then suddenly you will see glorious sunshine. These conditions make lot of visitors cancel their trips. Hence there are some exceptional bargains for those who want to take the risk.

Shoulder season:
This season is a perfect time to travel for those individuals who want to get a glad medium among low and peak seasons. Recognizing where is in shoulder season when you like travelling or when your preferred destination is in shoulder season can save you hundred of dollars.

Take a glance at guided books. Even they don’t tell you when the shoulder season is, just they inform you when low and peak seasons are. The time in between is referred to as shoulder season.

The best travel destinations in shoulder season are Caribbean in late spring and Europe in the fall.

Fall is the best season to travel to Europe. You will find flight tickets for many Europe popular destinations at a cheaper cost. From October onwards you will get tickets at low cost. Temperature is also perfectly pleasant until the mid of November. So, take a trip yourself for fall in Europe.

It is very hard to find discount in summer. Americans, Europeans, and Japanese are all on the move. This is a peak time for weddings, thus honeymoon destinations are also in great deal of demand.

In early summer days, i.e. in between June and July, you will get a good deal for Caribbean destinations. It is better to book before Europeans begin to flood during the school holidays at the end of July.

Also, the period between June and September is a good option. Safari holidays are good choice for this period. During the summer months, you will get the flight deals at a reasonable cost in Southeast Asia. But, during this period the climate will be very hot. So, it is better to avoid this destination during summer season.

Planning for a Last Minute Travel Plan – Budget Travel Packages Does Help Out You

In the fast spinning world everything is planned in a hurry burry and sometimes things go topsy turvy due to urgencies, but this could be avoided by a smart thinking and an easy planning. Proceeding a last minute trip or travel needs a bit of patience and pause before we actually start with the process.

May be a software life cycle or a human life cycle, planning is the preliminary step to source with, like in a similar way traveling does also need perfect plans. Last minute travel ideas require extra care on planning strategy for making the tour experience a great one. Save in a notepad or as a memo in your mobile phone or just write down in your office pad, when your mind alarms about each thing you need to carry. Products you need for a travel right from a medicine kit to the passport and baggage is important as each item has its own characteristics of usage.

“Spend money like water” will go apt with traveling activities, where last minute traveling seems to be double expensive, but there are many a last minute travel deals online in the present day situation to tackle up the fellow travelers needs. People who are in a sudden rush to travel can seek budget travel agencies as they can provide you with hot and attractive packages in the way you can meet up the expenses of.
There are deals for cheaper transportation and accommodations, as these are the worthy outfits essentially needed for a traveler. Discounts on transportation are applicable from booking a flight ticket to hiring a rental car; this also works out well for low-priced accommodations on hotels and lodges. Packages are also obtainable which includes all the former talk about things which saves your precious hours.
Travel agencies are in hunt of last minute travel planners as trips cancelled by other customers can be logged-in for them to compensate the lost fares, rush-up travelers can make use of these deals to save their money. Customers centered towards discounted trips and travels are also targeted for selling these deals at a cheaper rate.
Thinking optimistic does strike out the right coin all the time, there are also some merits in last minute travel plans – as unsold deals can reach you in a cheap quote and can avoid the chaotic of prior booking and reservations. A comfortable-economic travel plan could also be sought by the budget holiday packages lovers in order to enjoy their vacation in the way they actually want it to be.
World wide travel agencies come forward with attractive plans and deals with offers and discounts as the competition among the travel agencies amplify each day with new dimensions and attitudes. Selecting the right deal is up to you, as suggestions wont alone help without knowing your right plan and destination spot. Pick the one that best suits your requirement and plan.

Budget Traveler? Try A Hostel.

No Money? No Problem! You still travel cheaply – stay in a hostel. Good deals on rooms are available to those willing to bunk in a common area and share other necessities of life.

Hostels offer adventure and the chance to meet people from different countries and cultures, but is not for everyone. Singles or groups of young travelers will find hostels attractive, but others traveling with small children or those looking for seclusion should consider more traditional hotels.

Bunk beds in a large open room are usually the sleeping arrangement in hostels, some may have smaller rooms with fewer bunks. Some rooms are arranged with 4 -8 bunks – offering a bit more privacy for those in a group. The typical hostel welcome mat consists of getting a bed assigned to you and a bit more information about what other services the house may offer.

Most hostels in the USA arrange dormitories by sex. This is not a guarantee and other countries may be a bit more unisex – except for toilets. Hostels with more than one floor may assign floors by gender.

You will find hostels in Europe and other parts of the world providing unisex rooms. Make sure you inquire about sleeping arrangements if sharing a room with members of the opposite sex is a problem for you.

Some smaller group rooms may have a private bathroom and shower, while larger larger areas have these facilities down the hall. If you’re concerned about bathroom and shower facilities, be sure to ask when booking your stay.

“Relaxed” is a term that applies to the hostel dealings, but it is still a business and you should make a reservation during busy times of the year. As more travelers “hit the road”, hostelling is becoming more popular. Some destinations are booked months in advance – especially during the summer months. Avoid headaches – Call ahead for a reservation.

Show me the money! (That you saved staying in a hostel). Hostels in the “third” world cost $3 to $10 a night, the “western” world rates are about 4 or 5 times as much. An “inquiring mind” can save a $100 by choosing a hostel in the same block as a hotel.

A staff member can be as helpful as the best up-scale “concierge” if you need help or advice. Most hostel staff members live the neighborhood and are knowledgeable about what is going on nearby.

Ask about discounts and coupons for local restaurants and “tourist” attractions. Hostel staffers are pretty good restaurant critics, also. They know the good deals.

Hostels aren’t for everyone – a good thing, otherwise they wouldn’t be so cheap! They’re in enterprise with the budget traveler – YOU – in mind. Travelers want new adventures and experiences. Hostels provide lodging while you enjoy your travels – real travelers don’t spend that much time in their rooms anyway. Cheap Traveler? Hostels Are For You!

Do Budget Travel Guides Save You Money?

There are several ebooks for sale on the internet that claim to show how you can save much if not all of your air fare whenever you decide to fly from A to B. There are also deals to be found for hotel accommodation, cruises, car hire, train journeys, safaris – virtually any kind of travel you might be planning.

These guides seem to upset some of the more experienced travel fraternity. Why pay for information that can be found for free online? It’s a con! No real person would want to have any truck with these carpetbaggers! Only fools would be sucked in by these sorts of claims! Blah, blah, blah.

Well, I have no problem researching and selling specific information to people who want to pay for it. Travel agents do this as well, and do not come in for the same criticism from the travel gurus. There is a huge information business out there, and we all access (and pay for) it on a daily basis.

I believe that it is the mindset of these travel ‘experts’ that is the real problem. With many years’ experience of travelling to obscure parts of the world, I know that you often have to make your own arrangements using unfamiliar airline data and trying to get hotel rooms in a foreign language, all the time ready to change schedules at a moment’s notice to meet a new business timetable. This is what makes seasoned travellers feel superior to ‘ordinary’ people.

In spite of what the experts might say to the contrary, it is NOT easy to put your hands on the right travel data and information. It is difficult to locate quickly when needed. And most seasoned travelers have found their own ways of making their journeys easier without spending all their time on the phone or internet. So I believe it is quite acceptable to sell this knowledge and information to those who want the convenience rather than having to research it themselves.

Basically, that is the point of these travel guides. They show you how to make your travel easier, cheaper and better. This ensures that you travel the best and most efficient way, often with an unexpected and welcome upgrade in the process.

But we know that travel industry workers get all sorts of perks and allowances. Wouldn”t it be great to have a slice of these as well as all the planning knowledge?

A good budget travel guide [] will include full details about the secrets of the travel industry and how you can use them for your benefit. The cost of these information products is usually well under $50, and the ones I recommend also come with full refund, no-nonsense, guarantees so there seems to be no risk as far as I can see. At the very least they are very interesting to read and are full of ideas.

Any planning for travel [] should include a look at our recommended favorite guide on our website. I strongly suggest you give it a try – you can always get your money back. But I think you will prefer to keep it, because it is a mine of useful advice, tips and information for the demanding traveler.

Good travelling